Whether your trip is for business or leisure, S & A will match you with your very own boutique 'home away from home'. Any option from our portfolio presents rich, tasteful and contemporarily furnished apartments in the choicest locations at the best market accessible prices with a one-night stay starting at just $100.

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Oasis Park Residence
@Tetteh Quarshie

Accra’s new residential masterpiece.
Welcome to Oasis Park Residence, Accra’s most awaited new residential serviced apartment. The Oasis Park Residence offers beautiful apartments with panoramic views of the city.

Discover the sleek design of these tastefully designed 120 units apartment available to-let at Tetteh Quarshie, East Legon. 

City Suite
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City Suite (Studio)

1 Bedroom
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1 Bedroom Unit

2 Bedroom
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2 Bedroom Unit



• Rooftop Swimming Pool
• Groceries shop
• Gym
• Restaurant & Café
• On ground Parking
• Elevators
• Full concierge services
• 24hr Security and CCTV
• Back-up Utilities 

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About Us

S & A Luxury Apartments is the go to properties letting Company with market leading serviced apartments at central locations with a quintessential luxury lifestyle beaming out of impeccably designed spaces with market leading prices for our clienteles.

Our team comprises of experienced and industry savvy professionals who invest in potentially market-disrupting developments in top-tier locations across the city. Our priority customers are both owners of the properties that we manage, and the tenants that reside in these properties. Our success strategy is simply to deliver excellent returns to our property owners while offering our tenants affordability, premium luxury and comfort. Our homeowners are assured of proper positioning of their properties to achieve maximum value through intensive marketing, leasing and operational procedures in alignment with their investment objectives.

Our internal structure, manned primarily by industry experts facilitates efficient decision-making through free communication between executive- staff and on- site staff to ensure observations from industry interactions are imported into our operations in real time.


Simply call the contact number provided and a representative will book a convenient appointment for you.

Service charges are fees paid to the freeholder/property owner, management company, or managing agent, to cover your share of the cost of managing, maintaining, repairing, insuring and providing services used in common with others, for the block or estate you live in.

Our leases contain covenants and bye-laws which will say leaseholders shall not cause nuisance and annoyance to neighbours etc. In the event that a resident is in breach of their lease, the matter should be directed to the property manager for S & A who will issue the resident a formal warning in writing. A second warning if necessary, will be a summons to the resident to remove the source of the nuisance altogether. If these measures fail, then the legal remedies open to the landlord/agent are injunction or forfeiture.

Cash payments can be made to the property manager on site. Please insist on your receipts.

This often occurs when a sale has taken place and the owner of the unit has not registered the new occupant with S&A, as required by your Lease. You should contact your solicitor immediately to ensure they send the necessary paperwork to us in order for us to amend the record relating to your property. However, if ascertained that the invoice covers the period of your stay, you are responsible for the charges and should pay these even though you may be resolving matters with your solicitor.

We recognise that personal circumstances do change and some property owners/leaseholders do find that they have difficulty in paying their service charges. In the first instance it is important you contact our property manager, without delay, to discuss payment options.

The landlord's contract is with the leaseholders only and this is the only party we can communicate with on the landlord's behalf, as their agent. Any communication with residents which are not leaseholders is carried out by display on the notice boards.

Most leases require a leaseholder to request a 'consent to underlet' from the freeholder or management company, if any subletting is proposed. Please be aware, any under-letting that is agreed without the freeholder's authorisation could be in breach of the lease and could result in legal proceedings against the leaseholder. You must ensure you thoroughly check your lease, before subletting your property.

We are happy to deal with agents, acting on a leaseholders/owners behalf. However, we have a duty to keep individuals details private and we will need written authorisation from the owner/leaseholder, to confirm you act for them, before any personal or account details can be released to you. We will only need this authorisation once and will then be able to deal with that agent/person indefinitely, until an instruction is received for us not to.

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